It's another beautiful day! Are you reedy to "Rock & Roll" with us?

The best things in life
are the people we Love...
the Places we've been...
and the Memories
we've made along the way!

We are living in America!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Neil & I had a wonderful Christmas this year!  We spent time with both of our families on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day and  lots of time with Scott & Sara!  We even left Reba (our RV) to sleep at their home.  It was a wonderful time filled with great memories.  Scott even surprised us by playing and singing songs for us with his new guitar.  Including Silent Night (my favorite)!

As wonderful as Christmas was, we were very anxious too head south to warmer weather!  My father as some of you know was having health problems.  To be exact a 9mm kidney stone!  Several weeks ago he had back pain and was tested for a stone.  However, his pain was not from the stone. He actually had over done it and was having back pain.  In a few days it was gone and he was feeling better.  He was scheduled to return to the urologist on January 2nd.  So Neil and I decided to head to South Carolina until we hear the next set of test results.  So we found ourselves back at Huntington Beach State Park (the place we visited at the end of October for the Carolina Clan reunion).  
One morning I looked out our RV window to find a new friend!  He was just strolling around looking for food.  Not shy at all!  Eventually, almost everyone in our camp row came out to see him!
Found some time to relax by a nice campfire!
On New Year's Eve, we went to Brookgreen Gardens for a candle light tour of the gardens.  It was absolutely beautiful!  The pictures do not do it justice.  

Beautiful wreaths and trees in the indoor rooms.
My favorite wreath with all the shells.

All of this exhibit was absolutely beautiful...would go back to see it all again!

My sister who has been helping Mom & Dad in my absents, has been wonderful and I will certainly be giving her all the time off she needs when we are home again.  Taking care of parents living in their own home at age 85 and 87 is not an easy job.  A big "thank you"!  

On Jan. 2nd, we heard that Dad was on a three month hold with the  doctor, so Neil and I headed south   to Florida on the 3rd!

So...we have arrived in Florida!  Our first night was spent at the Flamingo Lake RV Park  just outside of Jacksonville.  Quite awhile ago, we saw a show on one of the restaurants on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives in Jacksonville called The Metro Diner.  OMG what a wonderful place!      
YoHala on the Square!  A type of French Toast with bananas, creme cheese filling grilled and topped with fruit compote!  Please note this is a half order and was served as an appetizer!  I have never had an appetizer for breakfast!

Eggs Benedict with Crab Cakes and Hash Browns - my breakfast.
Neil is having eggs with bisquits topped with sausage gravy and home fries!

That is me on the left with a very large to go bag...breakfast tomorrow promised to be delicious as well!
Sorry I have not posted for so long and sorry this was so long...thanks for listening!  Happy New Year!