It's another beautiful day! Are you reedy to "Rock & Roll" with us?

The best things in life
are the people we Love...
the Places we've been...
and the Memories
we've made along the way!

We are living in America!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Happy "85th" birthday to my mother!  I waited to share this story, so that it would coincide with my Mom's birthday.  Since Neil & I have sold the house, we have been trying to come up with a name for our truck and fifth wheel.  So this is the story of how we came to be named "Rocky & Reba"!  One Sunday afternoon our son, Scott said, "How about Rock & Roll?" And Neil immediately claimed Rocky as the name for his truck.  So for weeks all I could come up with were Adrianne and/or Bullwinkle!!!  Didn't really connect with either of those names.  But Neil was not giving up Rocky.  So as you see I named the blog with Scott's suggestion and I quite like it!  So here is how Reba came about.  As I said my Mom will be 85 today.  She still lives at home with my father, who is 86.  On one of my visits, the caregiver was helping Mom and we always ask her questions about names and places to help her memory.  I ask her the name of her caregiver and she quickly replied "sweety-pie".  Her name is Diana. But she said it with such a big smile, we moved onto my name.   "So Mom, what is my name"?  "Reba" was the answer without any hesitation.   Now that might have upset me, but I know she was just momentarily confused.  She does know my name and who I am,  so the real question is, does she know who Reba McEntire is?  I am not sure that she does, but the more I thought about that conversation, the more I liked the name and the fact that I will love our up-coming full-time lifestyle and every time I say or think of Reba, it will be like a beautiful tribute to my mother.  Have a great day!  Happy Monday!