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Monday, August 20, 2012

Sandy, the Sea Eagle's maiden voyage !

Yesterday, we took our Sea Eagle 385 Fast Track out for her maiden voyage.  We were having trouble knowing where we could put the kayak in, since we currently do not have it licensed.  The question being do we want a PA pass or a multiple state license.  We picked the Memorial Lake State Park, which was about thirty minutes from our home.  For $5.00 we purchased a week pass and into the water we went.  Although, the weather was overcast, we had a great first trip and all went well!  We forgot the camera, so we only got a few pictures with our IPad, before we went into the water.  We have decided to name our Sea Eagle - Sandy - after my uncle Sandy, who was retired Navy!   Anxious, to take Sandy...the Sea Eagle (every time I say that phrase, I hear John Travolta singing from Grease) out again on a longer voyage!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday...if you have any advise on kayak licensing, please let us know!


  1. What a great way to spend a Sunday! Is RVing fulltime living up to what you thought it would be? We love it!

  2. So glad you guys like it! We've only taken ours out in PA State parks, so we bought a 2 year license the first year we used it. This summer we bought a 1 year one only. I guess some states aren't as picky as others about licensing non-motorized boats.

  3. No license required in South Carolina. Is a PA license required for out of state visitors?!?!

    1. Neil and I will try and find that out for you. We did get a license for $18.00 , good for one year in PA. Can you tell us more about where we will kayak in S.C. During our visit in November? We are so anxious!

  4. I thought you only had to license it if it had a motor!!! We've used ours in several states and never a problem. Guess I'll need to do more research.

  5. PS: From the Sea Eagle site:

    Do I have to register my boat?
    You are required to register your boat if you put a motor on it. You will receive a Manufacturer's Statement of Origin and a Bill of Sale that is needed for registration.

  6. In TX and FL, no license required if no motor.

  7. I've never had to get a license to kayak anywhere. Love your Facebook Gratitude post.

  8. PA is kinda funky when it comes to registering boats. Since PA is Dan's current legal domicile, we had to register ours even without the motor. :-)

  9. Enjoy--now we need to name our Sea Eagle. Hoping to share a kayaking adventure with you--maybe in Florida.