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are the people we Love...
the Places we've been...
and the Memories
we've made along the way!

We are living in America!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Good Morning.  Happy Monday to everyone!  Thought I'd take a few minutes to check in with everyone and read some blogs.  Really needed to touch base with our full-time friends and our camping buddies!  I am fairly sure I hit the wall yesterday.  Everything is Everywhere now and I really don't do well in clutter!    Must have broke down and cried several times. :(  Neil was busy waxing Reba and I was going through more of the stuff in the attic.  I think it is all the memories and knowing you need to sell the stuff for a quarter or give it away.  This is so hard - so many decisions -all these emotion - but I must say I  have no regrets! So this is my way of getting my smile back and taking on a new day!

Settlement is scheduled for June 26th @ 5:30.  We are still not in Reba (the RV) but we are getting closer.  If all goes well we will be heading  for our new home at Thousand Trails Hershey Preserve by this weekend.  The plan is to get our stuff switched over and what ever is left is for sale or the auction house, storage or goodwill!  We will be having another garage sale on Tuesday, June 12th (best day due to a farmer's market by our stick and brick).  And if enough stuff is left we will have two more garage sales on that Friday & Saturday.  That will leave us nine days for all the cleaning and final fix ups.  Still need to sell a few more big items.  May give our bedroom suite to a consignment shop.  I intend to find out about that today.  A great big thank you for all your blog post.  If you ever wonder if they are appreciated, the answer is a big "YES"!

And on a final note.  Neil would like to know about what type of kayak we should be looking for?  I know a lot of you have Sea Eagles.  Once we are settled in Reba, we want to purchase one and have some fun relaxing!  Have a great day....


  1. You are going through the exciting time of purging the house and all that goes along with it. The pace will slow down a lot when that is over.
    We recently sold our hard kayaks (Wilderness Pungo 120's) which we loved and bought a Sea Eagle Paddle Ski435. We've been out just a few times in it but we like it OK. It is made of a sturdier material than the SE370 or SE330. We keep it in our toad so that it is always ready. I like the fact
    that we don't have the kayaks on top of the toad all the time. I also like it because we are together. I can paddle in the back while Gin takes a break in the front some. We hope to get a small motor later also.
    Whatever you decide will be nice. It's so wonderful to get out on the quiet waters.

  2. You're getting there!! We bought a Sea Eagle 370 with our first garage sale earnings. I can tell you we love it! We've used it a lot and have no problems with it at all. It's a breeze to put up and take down too. The best part is it all fits in a bag, seats, oars, pump, and even our life vests! George says it will fit right in the basement.

    Good luck with more selling. Don't worry about the's all part of the process.

  3. Sounds like you two are getting very close to joing the "Fulltimers" ranks. We are excited for you. One thing to remember, as you cry about things and memories... You will always have the memories, but the things will be forgotten within a week or so...I PROMISE!!! We have a Sea Eagle 370 it, but of course, what's not to love when Bill paddles and I take pictures;o)) At times, we wish we had the ability to add a small motor like on the Paddle Ski, but for now, we are happy anytime we get out on the water!!!

  4. Let those tears flow Nancy. Get it all out of your system. It's healthy. Take pictures of everything you want to remember accurately, then let it go. Your future is full of new memories to be made :)

    We, too, have a Sea Eagle. We have the Paddle Ski 435 and really love it. We might also add a small motor at some point. We haven't gotten too serious about that yet. If you add a motor, you must register it. If it's human powered it's not necessary :) But the Paddle Ski does give you that option where the 370 and 330 does not. I also think the Paddle Ski is more stable, but I may be partial :)

    Good luck with your next sale!

  5. It is definately a lot to do and a lot of emotions to conquer but trust me it is all worth it! We've been doing this for 8 years and we have enjoyed it alot and see no end to it in the near future. You will be road gypsies and that is a wonderful life. You'll be meeting a whole different type of people who enjoy life on the road and have so much info to share. It is one BIG family! We don't have a kyack but many of our friends have sea eagles and love them.
    Have fun, take a deep breath and travel safe

    Hershey is one beautiful place and we loved it ther!

  6. It really is very emotional. We both cried and questioned our sanity plenty of times. We have a Sea Eagle 330. It is pretty tight for both of us but easy to handle if just one of us wants to take it out.

  7. We have the PaddleSki 435... (with a motor too!) and love it. Tears are normal....even had some after we were on the road full-time. Let 'em flow and know that it's totally normal!