It's another beautiful day! Are you reedy to "Rock & Roll" with us?

The best things in life
are the people we Love...
the Places we've been...
and the Memories
we've made along the way!

We are living in America!

Monday, October 29, 2012


We are on our way to South Carolina for a much needed vacation and visit with our full-timer friends!   Somehow things have put me into a very reflective mode.  Our first night out we stopped at Misty Mountain Camp Resort just out side of Charlottesville, VA.  We experienced a beautiful drive along Rt. 81 and then Rt. 29.  Views of the mountains and autumn leaves were all around us!  We parked just in time for the campground "trick or treat".  Neil and I always love to see all the children having such a good time.

In the morning I discovered this camper down by the small creek.  Our first camping adventures in an RV began in a 1985 Sunline travel trailer - no sliders,  similar to this one.  Memory #1.

Before we headed out I thought this tire cover had some merit!

So down the road we headed...
Stop number two landed us at the Florence RV Park formerly a KOA.  This just so happened to be where we stayed in 2008, when we were on what we called, "Our Six Week Tour"!  That was our adventure to see if we really could be "full-timers"!  This picture of the pond was taken back then as I walked our Cocker Spaniel, Casey.  Casey is now in puppy heaven.  Memory # 2.

We will be leaving this campground shortly and I feel so many emotions with the weather in PA.  Being away as a full-timer now, I am concerned about our family and friends back home.  It is only slightly over a year since the damage from the tropical storm Lee.  I recall how severely our basement flooded.  How extremely frustrated we were!  And now I do not have those worries, but you still feel anguish for others  going through what you still remember so well.  Memory # 3, 4, 5 etc.

See you soon...stay safe everyone.


  1. Safe travels to you guys, we are looking forward to seeing you!

  2. Nancy, I think that tire cover says it all! You are just beginning to live the rest of your life :)

    See you soon.

  3. Great post - beautifully written. Looking forward to visiting with you this week!