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We are living in America!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Let the selling begin...  Yesterday, we sold sold our living room sofa, a fulton, an ottoman and we have a good bite on our king size bed!   This is going to be a wild ride from now until the end of June.  We are filled with all kinds of emotions.  The pendilum swings from planning our new life to OMG what should we be doing next!  Since we are both working, time is limited.  I will be off on Friday and that is when I plan on turning the dining room and living room into the garage sale table staging area.  Hopefully, we will be ready to start the garage sale routine by the first Friday in May.  Thanks for listening.  We are open to any suggestions you may have on "how to move all your stuff - quickly"?  Have a great day!  We are living in America!


  1. We got a great response from craigslist. So happy that you sold your home. Welcome to the road!

  2. This is an exciting time for you! Craigslist was good for us too. Yard sales got rid of the other "stuff" and we met some interesting people that way. I actually felt like we were helping out the community a little bit, if that makes sense.

  3. Congratulations!! You are in for a great ride!!

    Bill and I did best with Craigslist and the new owners actually bought quite a few things. May want to check with them. Best advice...price is right... You want to GET RID of it not have to donate or give it away. I always thought of it as someone taking my stuff away, not about making tons of money;o))

    Good luck and it will all be worth the effort!!!

  4. Thank you everyone. I / we ( I will for now at least be the one posting) really enjoying following everyone. Neil always say "where's everybody at today" when he comes home from work and then I fill him in! Fun part of our day!

  5. Congratulations! You'll have a ton of emotions (as you've probably figured out) but is it oh so worth it! Hope to see you "down the road"!

  6. I missed this post! We got rid of a lot of stuff on ebay..where we made the most money anyway..the electronics, tools, etc. Craigslist & yard sales were next. There are still a few boxes over in the upstairs of the house for this spring's yard sale. Then that's it!

  7. We sold our house last year and have been living in a rental while we prepare to fulltime it at the end of the year. Another vote for Craigslist; and we made a lot of donations to worthy organizations.

    P.S. May I suggest that you include a post title for your entries; otherwise there's nothing clickable in RSS feeds; and it's difficult to figure out when you've posted a new entry :-))